Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The end???????

Hello Everyone,

You know, this week, we have had an easy week. At first I said, finally, there is not too much work, but then I thought to myself that I had gotten so used to reading that I am going to miss it. During these ten weeks, I have learned so much about technology and the different tools we can use that I am really grateful I took the course. I would like to start by thanking the Embassy of the United States for giving me this opportunity. Also, I would really like to thank the University of Oregon for this great course. Finally, I would like to thank every one of my classmates for being always so supportive with their comments, for their help, and for all the things we learned together.

However and most importantly, I do not want to leave without thanking our teacher, Janine Sepulveda. She has been of great help during the whole course. She was very active at all times and encouraged us to continue week after week. Also, I had the chance to ask her some personal questions about doubts I had, and she always answered quickly. Janine was really good at guiding us through the process.